Computer Services
Computer technology is one of if not the fastest changing technology today. We keep abreast of the technology so that we can provide you with practical solutions.

Custom Built computers
We build computers using the best quality OEM parts. As technology and your needs change, you can rest assured that your system is easily upgradeable.

For a quote on a custom system contact us

Computer Upgrades
Having problems installing new software or drives? Need to add memory? Or need to improve your computer's performance, caontact us today.

System Administration
Flexisystems offer affordable maintenance plans designed with your small business needs in mind. We offer full IT system adminstration without the cost of employing a full time IT department.Find out more...

Network Installation & Config.
Take advantage of the cost savings and convenience of sharing your computer equipment among office or home users. Whether you want to share an internet connection or need to setup a network with a dedicated server, we are equal to the task. Tell me more...