Paging and External Ringers
Duet Plus - Loud Ringer and Pager

The Duet plus is ideal for warehouses and areas where it would be difficult to hear the ring of a regular phone. It can be used by itself or as a pre-amplifier to drive an external speaker or paging system

Electronic Office ringer with Built-in Speaker

Variable Warble Tone

Drive Speaker or Paging Amplifier

3.5 Watt Page Amp Drives 8 ohm Horn

Very loud.. 117 db Using Built-in Vol. Control!

Use as Preamp for Paging System

Paging and Ringer Activated by Multiple Sources

All the funtions of the Duet Plus will work at the same time. Paging and Ringer Activated by Multiple Sources: 90V, Dry Closure etc... Simultaneously!

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Talking Duet Plus

Record 16 secs of Voice, Music or Sounds with the talking Duel Plus. It also Works as a paging Amp at the same time. Built-in Mic, RCA and screw terminal output Broadcast pre-recorded audio when phone rings

Use the Talking Duet plus with the Doorbell Fon to announce someone at the door or gate or for overhead paging.

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