FlexiCalls Telephone Service

FlexiCalls Voiceline

Flexicalls offers residential and business VoIP phone service with great calling features such as:


Call waiting

Caller ID

3-way calling

Call forwarding

Call blocking and call return

Flexicalls Voiceline service uses VoIP technology to allow you to make calls. VoIP is a new technology that allows you to make calls over the Internet. When you make calls using the Flexicalls Voiceline service, you use a normal telephone and dial in the same way you would using any other phone. The party you call can't tell whether you are calling from a traditional phone or VoIP phone. The main difference is that the call travels over the internet instead of through the telephone comapny's wires. Flexicalls Voiceline home>>

To start taking advantage of the Flexicalls Voiceline service, all you need is a high speed internet connection and a phone adapter. You connect an ordinary phone to your adapter and you are ready to start making low cost calls. More>>

FlexiCalls Voip PBX

FlexiSystems prides itself with the ability to provide solutions to any telecommunications need that you may have. If your business has satellite or branch offices then you may be able to benefit from one of our VoIP PBX solutions. Our solutions are designed to save you money while giving advanced functionality and a professional phone appearance.

SIP-based VoIP solution

Can be implemented as standalone IP-PBX

Can be added to an existing PBX

Customizable for individual business needs

Enables the sophisticated functionality required in corporate telephone systems.

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FlexiCalls Private Voice Network

Our Private Voice Network (PVN) solution is designed for multi-location businesses with international presence. Flexicalls PVN is a software solution that works with specialized routers to:

Provide free calls on the same network

Low-cost calls to any phone in the world.

Free calling can include:

worldwide offices

Key business contacts

Supply chain vendors


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