PBX Telephone System

The TalkSwitch PBX Phone System Solution is an all-in-one telephone system that finally puts the rich features of PBX systems into the reach of small businesses. The system is modular in architecture and come standard with the features listed below

2-16 lines in

4-32 local Extensions

8-32 remote extensions

4-16 VoIP trunks (optional)

9 Auto Attendands on all lines

26-104 Voice Mail boxes per location

Voicemail memory expandable to 36 hours

Advanced PBX functionality including call forwarding, transfer, intercom.

Advanced features such as "Dial by Name" directory, and "Remote Message Notification"

Remote Extensions, and Call Cascade features allow you to seamlessly integrate up to 8 cell phones or remote extensions into your office environment.

Works with your present phone equipment. Uses regular phones, cordless phones, analog phones.

Integrates seamlessly into your present telephone wiring

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The TalkSwitch PBX Phone system Solution can eliminate branch-to-branch long-distance charges for multi-location businesses spread across different regions, and connect any business to the new breed of IP network services* such as Internet calling. The system is a hybrid, so you can take advantage of VoIP without sacrificing your connections to the traditional telephone network for local calling and reliable service during power failures.

The all-in-one TalkSwitch is a complete PBX telephone system with everything a company needs to handle calls with a professional image, reduce communication costs and stay connected everywhere. Expandable, user-friendly and perfect single and multi-branch businesses.

Starting at $695.00, the TalkSwitch PBX Phone System solution has uncompromising features at unprecedented prices. Request a Quote>>