Doorbell Fon Door answering System

With your DoorBell Fon!
Relax and answer the door from your nearest phone ...
While you're having coffee in the kitchen, or even in bed!

Door bells are dinosaurs. Move into the 21st century with our Door Box!

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The Doorbell Fon integrated intercom converts your existing touch-tone telephones to door-answering intercoms. When a visitor presses the doorbell button a distinctive ring will be generated on each telephone.
To answer a call from your Doorbell Fon simply pick up any handset and begin speaking. If you are already on the phone, you will hear a call waiting tone when someone comes to the door. Just hookflash to put the call on hold and answer the door. Hookflash again to go back to your call. Hear noises outside? Call out to the door anytime by hookflashing, to listen to what's going on outside. While communicating with the visitor you can control an electronic door release to open the door or a gate up 3/4 mile away.

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